1. State your gratitude in your mind, to yourself, every time you think to do it. It only takes a second, and it costs nothing…but can pay off big!
  2. Don’t censor your gratitude. Your worthiness to be grateful is never in question. If you feel grateful, go on and feel it fully.
  3. Be grateful for the things you might normally take for granted…your breathing, your heart beat, your mind, your thoughts, and anything that comes to mind that always has been there for you. You would miss any of these if they went away suddenly!
  4. Be grateful for all the things you have accomplished in your life so far. Your journey led you to this moment called NOW. Be thankful for all the good, bad, and the ugly. Give thanks for the joy and the tears. You are you because of the journey you have walked up to this moment.
  5. Be grateful for the things you haven’t even begun yet. Love the fact that your best days are still unfolding. Be grateful that contrast has created a new YOU that is always evolving. Love the newness of each future moment as it becomes your NOW.
  6. Give gratitude for your prosperity. No matter how much money, food, clothing, or shelter you have, someone has more than you, and someone has less than you. Love what you have, and know that it is the perfect amount for you in this moment.
  7. Be grateful for the work you do in the world, even if it isn’t your “real job. “Some people make money, and then go do the work that is really important to them. Others do their “paid gig” as their true life’s work. Either way, give thanks for the contribution you get to make in the world through your unique gifts and talents.
  8. Be grateful for your spiritual family. Sometimes our spiritual family happens to be genetically related, and sometimes the connection transcends blood and bone. Either way, love the people who feed your soul through their kind ways, generous hearts, and loving friendships.
  9. Give gratitude for the Earth. This planet is so smart, and it keeps us thriving and living in a giant, airless Universe…spinning and whirling century after century. It has wisdom and a balance, and we are but travellers on its back. Love the true magic that is planet Earth, and appreciate it by acknowledging its beauty and majesty.
  10. Receive gratitude that others offer to you. The balance of giving is receiving, and you are to be honoured, loved, and appreciated as you also have given of the same. Open to receive grateful thoughts and actions from others. You uplift them by receiving their gifts to you.