There’s no doubt about it starting a business is tough, the key is choosing something you are extremely passionate about so it does not feel like work and you can sustain the many challenges that come with running a business. Here are my 10 tips to help you get started or make changes to boost your business.

#findyourtribe Surround yourself with good people who support you, encourage you and elevate you. You don’t need to be a master of everything but you do need a team who is collectively.
#setyourintentions Why are you starting this business? What are your intentions? Be clear on this and each day revisit what your intentions are each morning for the day.
#makeaplan What is it you want the business to achieve? What steps, timelines, people +funds make up the plan. The goal posts will always move but come back to the plan to keep you focused and not distracted.
#findamentor  It’s important to remember someone has always walked your path before and has wisdom to offer. Write a list of the top 5 people who come to mind who you admire and think would be a great mentor. Approach them.
#selfcare Take time out for yourself away from electronic devices and people. This is often where the most creative ideas come from, it very effective for problem solving and allows you to return with much more to give to others. I have learnt this very lesson after running Eat Fit Food, it consumed me for nearly two decades and I did not pay much attention to self care.
#knowyourcustomer Who are they? What do they do? What does a day in their life look like? What are there needs?  Once you know your customer you can communicate with them in a way that works in a language that works with the right product that they need.
#getcashflowing  Don’t delay just getting started, income is vital to the growth of the business so get it out there. Things are always going to evolve, grow & change. Sometimes the best way is to get it out there and see how the market responds.
#keepcostslow By looking at creative ways you can keep costs down. Can you co share a space, co share staff, purchase small amounts of stock until you build up the business. Outsource small tasks to an offshore VA. (Virtual Assistant)
#sticktoyourskillset You will always be required to multitask in a small business that’s a given. Do the things you are good at and outsourch the rest. It is important you don’t waste your precious time doing tasks that are not your best skillset. Outsource it.
#nevergiveup Challenges and mistakes are necessary for growth, lessons and they allow you to evolve. If you are tired, rest, recharge and reset but never give up. Ask for help when you need it and if your having an off day allow yourself to have an off day. You are much better to take the downtime when you need it and be on fire when you are on fire. Listen to your intuition.