Take a moment to reflect on the brands that hold a special place in your heart. What draws you to them? What keeps you coming back for more?

At Eat Fit Food, we discovered that the key to our success lay in our unwavering commitment to our brand values. From the freshness of our ingredients to the personal touch in every delivery, we crafted an experience that resonated deeply with our audience. Being a part of EFF wasn’t just about the meals; it was about belonging to a community dedicated to wellness and quality living.

Brand positioning was our North Star, guiding us through the turbulent waters of the market. It’s what set us apart and defined who we were in the eyes of our customers.

Ready to take your brand to the next level? Here’s part one of my Branding Like a Pro series:


Your brand’s mission is its heartbeat – the driving force behind everything you do. Here’s how to craft a mission that inspires:

1. Define Your Purpose: Understand the core problem your brand aims to solve or the value it aspires to provide. Your mission should articulate this purpose in a clear and compelling manner.

2. Identify Core Values: Pinpoint the principles that guide your brand’s decisions and actions. These values mirror your brand’s essence and resonate with your audience.

3. Speak to Your Audience: Tailor your mission to resonate with your target audience’s needs and aspirations. It should be a rallying cry that connects on a profound level.

4. Convey Concisely: Summarise your purpose and values into a succinct, impactful statement. Keep it concise while encompassing the heart of your brand.

5. Inspire with Language: Infuse your mission with language that inspires, motivates, and sparks emotion. Let it convey your brand’s passion and commitment.

6. Stay Relevant: Ensure your mission aligns with your industry and current market dynamics. Avoid vague or generic statements that could dilute your brand’s uniqueness.

7. Guiding Light: Your brand mission should serve as a guiding star, illuminating your brand’s path and driving your actions and decisions.

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Stay tuned for part 2 and 3 on how to do branding like a pro!