Elevate Your Corporate Wellness
with "Food for Thought"

A Unique Culinary Experience

Are you ready to transform your company culture and boost productivity through better health and wellness?

Our "Food for Thought" program offers an exclusive, engaging opportunity for your team to dive into the world of healthy eating and culinary skills.

Invite your staff to this enlightening event focused on healthy eating, simple recipes, and effective teamwork.

Not only will they leave with practical culinary skills, but they’ll also gain valuable insights into healthy eating, helping them make better food choices every day.

Don’t miss out on this transformative experience for your team. “Food for Thought” is more than just a cooking class—it’s a stepping stone towards a healthier, more productive, and more cohesive workplace.

Join me and make a lasting impact on your team’s wellbeing and your company’s culture.

Event structure:

Time: Session will run for 1-hour

Session overview:  

Keynote address:

Understanding nutritional labels (20 mins)

‘How to’ Tutorial – Make a Dressing or Smoothie (20 mins)

Lunch (20 mins) – staff can sample their dressing with the provided salad bowls.

Branding Like a Pro: Part 1

Why Choose "Food for Thought"?

Enhance Company Culture

Foster a vibrant, health-conscious community within your workplace with our fun and interactive cooking classes. Engage your team in a creative, hands-on activity that everyone can enjoy.

Educational Impact

Equip your employees with essential knowledge about nutrition as Bianca Monley, a renowned healthy eating advocate, demystifies nutritional labels and guides participants through understanding food packaging. 

Supermarket Savvy

Teach your team to decode supermarket labels, transforming shopping into a skillful selection of wholesome ingredients. This practical skill ensures that every grocery trip contributes to their health and well-being.

Boost Morale and Motivation:

Through our easy-to-follow cooking workshops, employees will learn to create delicious, nutritious meals at home. Our featured recipe, the Green Goddess Dressing, is just a start to inspire your team.

Promote Health and Wellbeing

A healthier team is a more productive team. Our program emphasizes the importance of good nutrition which translates into enhanced overall health and increased workplace productivity.

Strengthen Team Bonds

Our cooking classes are not just about food; they’re designed to be interactive and engaging, providing an excellent platform for team bonding. Watch your team connect and collaborate in a relaxed, enjoyable setting.

Exclusive Takeaways

Each participant will receive a complimentary copy of Bianca’s e-book, “The Green Foodie,” which includes over 50+ recipes and a 7 day healthy eating plan to continue their wellness journey.

Boost Productivity

Studies show happy, healthy employees are productive employees! Prioritising wellbeing and healthy food options in your workplace can lead to a staggering 80% increase in productivity.


Hello! I’m Bianca,

At the age of 22, I pioneered the fresh food home delivery industry in Australia by founding Eat Fit Food. With no funding or previous business experience, I built it into a multimillion-dollar business delivering over 10,000 meals and transforming the lives of thousands with my wellness principles. My business served clients such as Hugh Jackman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Rachael Finch, Turia Pitt, Delta Goodrem, Miranda Kerr, and Michael Klim.

Alongside making healthy, delicious meals, I also built my very own organic farm, Eat Fit Farm. We provided clients with a visible farm-to-plate experience, growing all the produce from scratch in the Southern Highlands.

So, I get it!

Today, I speak at events, consult, and teach my “Food for Thought” program, helping people make small changes in their eating habits to live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

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What CLIENTS Are Saying

"In 2016 Bianca won the Veuve Clicquot New Generation award. She was chosen as the young female entrepreneur who best reflects Madame Clicquot’s values of innovation, audacity and fearlessness. Like Madame Clicquot, Bianca is a true innovator, identifying the market opportunity for healthy home-delivered food over a decade ago and staying ahead of the curve as the segment has exploded in recent years."
"Our staff absolutely loved Bianca's "Food For Thought" workshop. Our team consists of time-poor, busy people who are always looking for quick, easy, and affordable ways to better themselves. Bianca's tips made it so easy for everyone to take away at least one thing and implement it into their lives. They bonded as a team and enjoyed the relaxing environment, where they could ask Bianca questions at the end of the workshop. Many of our staff travel frequently and often struggle to maintain their health, but Bianca's practical advice provided them with manageable strategies to stay on track."
" Meet Bianca Monley, entrepreneur, absolute lover of food, business genius and powerhouse mum! This New Zealand local took Sydney by storm when she combined her passion for health, motivation for business and vast knowledge of food to create one of Australia’s most successful food delivery services, Eat Fit Food. What started as a one-woman show in her tiny apartment developed into a highly respected business, complete with a team of chefs, nutritionists and health experts across Sydney and Melbourne."
"Looking back, it was fairly obvious that Bianca Monley would one day work with food. Growing up in the small New Zealand town of Wanaka, a young Bianca worked in her family’s restaurant – doing everything from foraging for herbs, peeling potatoes and cleaning the toilets. Those skills came into play when she launched her wholefood meal delivery service, Eat Fit Food, in Sydney."



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