This week took me on an adventure to New Zealand to get my Empower Me Retreats up and running. As always there is a story behind everything we do and often from the biggest hiccups come incredible opportunities. This is a prime example of that and next time I want you to be part of it.

As someone who has built multiple successful businesses, I know firsthand the toll it can take on our personal lives. When I sold my first business in Sydney after 18 years, I felt lost and disconnected from my true self. I was a single mother to three young children and had not spent much time with them in their early years. I needed a change, and that’s when I decided to pack up six suitcases, my three children, and jump on a plane to Wanaka for three months.

Wanaka is where I was born and grew up in an entrepreneurial family. My family owned one of Wanaka’s first restaurants, which is where my entrepreneurial journey began. But this trip was different. It was a chance to reconnect with myself, nature, and my family without any pressure.

When I first arrived, I felt disconnected from my true self and struggled with my identity outside of the business. I lacked direction, motivation, and felt extremely stuck. But during my time in Wanaka, I re-engaged with nature, created space for myself, sourced local produce, journaled, meditated, rested, and gave myself space for whatever was next to come.

The outcome was incredible. I reinvented myself, allowed time and space for new ideas and opportunities to come through, let go of expectations, made decisions from a space of love not fear, and became fitter, healthier, and gained extreme clarity. Now, I run a successful mentoring business helping others build incredible businesses.

Let my experience in Wanaka be a reminder that it’s okay to slow down, create space, and rediscover ourselves. If you’re ready to take that step and embark on your own journey of reinvention, I would be honored to guide you through with mentoring or join me on my Empower Me Retreats.

Let’s connect HERE and make that happen.