Let’s talk innovation. One thing we can always be sure of is that we must keep reinventing ourselves to stay ahead of the ever-changing market. What’s next? What can I do differently? How can I provide the easiest possible solution for my customers?

One of my most challenging yet rewarding reinventions was creating Eat Fit Farm. As the business flourished, competition began to pop up everywhere, so I sought a way to make our brand stand out while staying true to our mission. While pregnant with my first child and on a mission for the next big Eat Fit Food project, the idea struck me: I would buy a farm, grow organic vegetables for our meals, and open it as a weekend getaway for Sydney siders and their children to experience paddock-to-plate lunches. Despite lacking commercial experience in growing organic vegetables, I embraced the challenge and learned from the many mistakes along the way. Eat Fit Farm was born, and I purchased a 100-acre Tuscan farm in NSW, Berrima. We started from scratch, improving the soil quality and building the vegetable gardens on one acre of cleared land. Balancing my time between Eat Fit Food in Sydney, visits to the Melbourne kitchen, and weekend harvests at the farm was certainly not easy, but it provided the point of difference we needed to stand out in the market place.

Throughout my journey, I have been guided by a passion for pushing boundaries and finding new ways to make a difference. Starting with no prior business experience, I took a leap of faith and founded Eat Fit Food, pioneering the fresh food home delivery industry. It has been a remarkable journey of growth and transformation, fueled by a relentless pursuit of innovation and a commitment to delivering wellness principles to our valued clients. I am grateful for the trust and support of amazing individuals, including clients like Hugh Jackman, Gwenyth Paltrow, and Miranda Kerr, who have embraced our vision. I believe that true innovation comes from the collective efforts of a dedicated team and the willingness to explore uncharted territories. Together, we have been able to create positive change and improve the lives of many.

 9 Ways to Reinvent:

1 – Make innovation a core value:

  • Encourage honesty, openness, and idea-sharing.
  • Create an environment where employees can explore initiatives without fear of retribution.

2 – Hire people with different perspectives:

  • Look for employees who understand your vision but bring diverse backgrounds and perspectives.
  • Seek individuals with passions and different abilities.

3 –  Give employees time and space to innovate:

  • Be open and approachable to new ideas.
  • Set aside spaces or designated times for idea creation and sharing.

4 – Encourage collaboration:

  • Establish work practices that foster teamwork and open discussions.
  • Allow job swaps and cross-functional brainstorming sessions.
  • Incorporate idea-sharing sections in regular meetings.

5 – Have a feedback process:

  • Create a clear process for assessing new ideas.
  • Acknowledge and provide feedback on all suggestions in a timely manner.

6 – Implement ideas promptly:

  • Put employee ideas and suggestions into effect as quickly as possible.
  • Show employees their influence on the direction of the business.

7 – Reward employees for their ideas:

  • Offer incentives and recognition for all ideas, even if not implemented.
  • Provide rewards to individuals, teams, or the entire workforce.

8 – Offer training:

  • Provide training opportunities to inspire new thoughts and approaches.
  • Allow employees to gain experience and bring fresh ideas and approaches to the business.

Looking for help on your journey. Let’s embrace the unknown, unlock our creative potential, and make a lasting impact. Together, we can shape a future driven by innovation.

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