Vegan Shepards Pie

Super easy to make, packed with nutrients. This recipe is for a large group or can easily be frozen in portions.

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Gluten Free Chia & Goji Bircher w Coconut Yoghurt

A great start to the day to keep you regular. Can be made in bulk and eaten as muesli or sprinkled over coconut yoghurt as a sweet after dinner treat. Mix up the fruit and nuts as you like.

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This super healthy twist on the classic is super delicious. Snack away with corn chips, vegetable sticks or add to a mexican feast.

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Shakshuka with tumeric scramble

This vegan twist on Shakshuka uses scrambled tofu (in place of eggs!) & served in a smoky tomato sauce. Perfect for any meals, easy to make & absolutely delicious scooped up on crusty sourdough

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Chicken Coq Au Vin

This classic french dish is an elegant, flavoursome winter warming dish made easy in your slow cooker. It can be also served with potato or sweet potato mash instead of chats. This is a bulk recipe so you can freeze batches for another day. Gluten free and Dairy Free | 10 portions

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