• Get Rid of Mum Guilt 

Let’s face it as mums, we’re more of the caregivers in the family. We’re the ones nurturing all the time and sometimes we feel like we can’t step back from that and do something for ourselves. We have this guilt of not being there enough hanging over our heads. The truth is, this is not the 1920’s it’s the 20th century and your doing a great job. Your kids will turn out just fine despite the hours you spend away from them.  What is more important than the hours your are there is the quality of time when you are there. Are you 100% present? When my kids were acting out when I got home from work I realized it was because I was not being present with them, and perhaps still on the phone or checking emails. I made a promise to myself I would put some time aside to spend with them individually, be 100% present and engage with them. The results were mind blowing, all they wanted was to be heard and as for the Mum guilt I felt much better and got rid of my guilt.


  • Plan your week on a Sunday 

Before you kick off with the craziness on a Monday morning get your diary out and plan everything. Make sure everything is in the calender and especially add these important ones below which will make you thrive and be the best possible version of yourself for everyone that crosses your path. 

  • Quiet time just for you  – Meditation is an incredible tool I use to recharge. A great app is Insight Timer, it has something for every one & introduction courses. 
  • Exercise – It’s no secret we all feel better when we move. Find some version you love and put it in the diary as a non negotiable. 
  • Time with nature – The health benefits are endless, it boosts your brain power, gets creativity flowing, helps solve problems and reduces stress resulting in increased productivity & focus.
  • Reflection time – Each week, go through your goals. What worked? What did not? What opportunities are there? What are you grateful for? 


  • Meal Prep 

At the end of a long day it’s easy to go for the cheese and crackers as an easy option. Trust me I have done it many times and washed it down with a glass of wine. The key to eating well and being able to have some down time is to prep ahead of time. Do a meal plan for the week ahead, cook meals in bulk and freeze portions to pull out the night before and serve with a easy salad or steamed greens. I have a bunch of easy recipes and snacks on my site for a delicious healthy meals for the whole family. If you have a slow cooker, you can throw it on in the morning and get home to a lovely wholesome meal at night.


  • Outsource  

Life is busy, especially when you have little people to care for. Think of your time as value, put a figure on it and start to think how much more you could do for your business if you outsource the housework. Find a great cleaner who will help with the washing and other child related tasks. Regarding looking after the children you can hire a Nanny or if funds are limited look into getting an Au pair. These cost around $300 a week plus food and board for up to 40 hours work to help with the children. You can even get a Demi pair which is less hours and sometimes in return for a room and food so you don’t have to outlay any cash.