Who would have thought that my childhood passion for the restaurant business drove me to build a thriving business?

Back when I was just 22, armed with more passion than experience, I embarked on a journey that would change my life forever. ⁠

From my humble beginnings cooking meals for gym-goers to navigating the challenges of starting a business, this journey became an exhilarating adventure. ⁠

Before diving headfirst into entrepreneurship, my path was unconventional. I had dropped out of school and, in the following year, found myself studying childcare. The turning point came when I was working at Healthland, a gym predating the era of Fitness First. ⁠⁠

Despite financial constraints, my childhood passion for the restaurant business fueled my determination.⁠

So here’s what to expect when starting your own business:⁠

  • The Thrilling Ascent⁠: Starting a business is like that initial climb – filled with hope, anticipation, and a dash of fear. You envision the possibilities, the impact you could make, and then you take that leap of faith.
  • The Heart-Pounding Plunge⁠: As your business gains momentum, you’ll experience moments akin to the exhilarating drops on a roller coaster.
  • The Unexpected Twists⁠: Just as roller coasters throw unexpected twists and turns at you, entrepreneurship is a journey filled with surprises.
  • The Ups and Downs⁠: The key is to keep riding, even during the challenging times when doubts creep in.
  • The Need for Fearlessness⁠: You’ll have to confront your fears, take calculated risks, and push boundaries.
  • The Support System⁠: Just as roller coaster riders hold onto safety bars, entrepreneurs need a strong support system.
  • The Sense of Accomplishment⁠: In entrepreneurship, achieving business goals and overcoming significant hurdles brings unparalleled satisfaction.

⁠In the end, starting and running a business mirrors a roller coaster ride—thrilling, challenging, and unforgettable. It’s not for the faint-hearted, but for those who embrace the journey, the rewards are both exhilarating and fulfilling. ⁠

Now, let me share some practical tips derived from my own experiences that might guide you on your entrepreneurial journey:⁠

  1. Craft a Well-Researched Business Plan⁠: Your investors will only take you as seriously as you take yourself with a plan.
  2. Know Your Target Market⁠: It is essential to do your research, gather data and insights, and use this information to refine your marketing efforts.
  3. Choose the Right Business Structure⁠: Seek advice from experts to protect your personal assets and provide flexibility for future growth.
  4. Assess Your Financial Landscape⁠: Determine the amount you can comfortably invest in your venture without putting your financial stability at risk.
  5. Seek Support from Friends and Family⁠: Friends and family can be valuable supporters, as they often believe in your potential.
  6. Identify the Right Lenders for Your Business: Venture capitalists might seek seasoned entrepreneurs with proven track records, while franchisors may offer in-house financing options for their franchisees.⁠
  7. Unleash Your Creativity with Resources⁠: Look for inventive ways to cut costs, such as DIY solutions or innovative marketing strategies.
  8. Network⁠: Attend events, join groups, and connect with other entrepreneurs in your industry.

⁠Having gone through this process myself, I understand the overwhelming feeling of turning an idea into reality. With a clear plan, understanding of your market, secure funding, a support network, and unwavering determination, you can launch a successful business. ⁠

Remember, every day is a school day. Push through those moments of uncertainty, and you’ll find breakthroughs that define your journey. ⁠

Are you ready for a change in your career or business?
Are you struggling in your own head having to make decisions alone?
Are you at you optimal health so you can tackle whatever challenges are thrown at you?
Do you have a mud map that plans out step by step what you are wishing to achieve?
Are you afraid of change and worried it may not work out?

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Bianca x