Some people don’t know this about me but I actually dropped out of school. I didn’t even go to Uni. Instead, I studied childcare with the intention of becoming a teacher shortly after. Turns out that’s not where my passion resided either.

So at 22 years of age and with absolutely no experience, I very ambitiously decided to start my own business. 

Throughout the years I always thought of my experiences  as my ‘real life’ business training. . I failed fast, learnt quickly and taught myself lessons I knew I needed to continuously grow and evolve. So when it came to failures, dealing with them was a non-negotiable. From this I learnt not only that failures can be advantageous, but how powerful a proactive mindset can be in becoming a true entrepreneur. 

Here’s how I break it down. 

FAILURE IS….an opportunity to learn

Failure teaches us a lot. Not just the point of failure, but everything leading up to it (yes, all that hard work!). 

Understanding what caused failure is really the first step. So take some time to evaluate what the contributing reasons were. What choices did you make at that time? What was the reasoning behind these decisions? 

Put simply, there are two responses to failure. a) get bogged down or b) grow. What distinguishes a good entrepreneur from the rest is which option they select. The choice is yours. 

FALURE IS….something that happens to everyone

The reality of entrepreneurship is that failure is inevitable. Learning what works and what doesn’t is all part of the process. Consciously knowing that this is a part of it and that everyone around you is also experiencing failure in some aspect, will immediately help you evolve. It’s about changing your mindset. 

Some of my best ideas have initiated as a product of previous failures. With the right mindset it can be looked at as a tried and tested type scenario. If you know it’s going to happen you can learn quicker as we spoke about above. The possibilities are endless when you come to terms with the reality. You’ve got this. 

FAILURE IS…about building strength through overcoming challenges

Think about it like this. You’re in the driver’s seat with full control of the direction. So, your mind is actually powering your every move, very quickly.

This is the reality. You are in control of your direction every single day. It’s your mind that will tell you what you should and shouldn’t do. Oh, and your mind can make those decisions for you very, very quickly!  

Changing your thought processes to a perspective that views failure as a challenge, can change our mindset from low vibration to high vibration. This results in more determination and ambition to help us make it through the other side.  Challenges are just obstacles along the way, but when you put your mind to it, you can very easily come to a place of positivity and strength. You’re in control, so go after those goals!  

The only way you will ever know your limits is to explore them. Failure teaches you what you cannot do so go out there, smash those goals and don’t look  back   🙂

Bianca x 

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