Yes, just three – because time is precious and so is your business.

1 – Engage your customer

Engagement means connection. When you connect on a personal basis with your customer, they are more likely to remember you and recommend you. Here’s how to do that effectively:

  • Give them something that’s helpful when they are least expecting it.
  • Cater to their emotions through your communications with them, this might be taping into how your product/service makes them think/feel/do.
  • Up your customer service game! Think about what the return on investment of going the extra mile for them may be.

2 – Collaborations

Collaborations means community. This is because when you align with businesses of similar nature and share winnings of each others competitive advantages, you build your audience reach. My business Eat Fit Food was incredibly successful as we were built up on collaborations, it was always at the forefront of what we were doing. From Hugh Jackman to Miranda Kerr and even Gwyneth Patrow’s Goop – our collaborations got us in the hands of some of the world’s most famous individuals.

  • Think about the people and/or companies that portray the characteristics of your company & brand. Reaching out doesn’t cost a thing and can throw you in all different directions. Stay patience and keep building your connections.
  • Social media might be old news, but it certainly is a powerful tool to build connections & nurture your audience. It’s super simple to run a valuable giveaway via social media with support from other channels. Leveraging audiences from other accounts of brands is a powerful extension of word of mouth.

3 – Brand Power

Know your brand, inside & out – as if it was a person. That way, when you communicate to your current and potential audience, the consistent messages they consume will build up to formulate a sound reputation of your brand. Remembering, first impression is key to commencing that journey. Wikipedia says, “A brand is the most valuable fixed asset of a Corporation.” So, whether you like it or not – you are the CEO of your brand and responsible for the message you send to future & potential customers and industry peers.

Here are six key steps to build a strong, consistent brand that will stand successful. Shoot me an email here to get more detail.

1. Identify market gaps & your personal strengths/passions

2. Develop a brand that solves a real problem in a real way

3. Develop a personable tone of voice, identity and content strategy that differentiates you from competitors

4. Align with the right people, brands & suppliers.

5. Be proactive, not reactive.

Content overload is a real thing today but it’s the actions that we implement into ourselves and out business that will make the difference in the long run. Pick 3 points form the above you can implement this week or alternatively contact me here if you need some guidance.