In this week’s episode, Lorraine interviews me on my business journey.

“I’m thrilled to share a chat with one of my entrepreneurial buddies.  This woman is the epitome of a business visionary – she saw an opportunity and started an industry, a whole 18 years ago!  Food delivery is one of the fastest growing (and most competitive) industries.

Bianca Monley founded Eat Fit Food at the age of 22, and ran the business until she sold it in 2018. And she did years of running the business with three kids under 3… gulp.

A year on from selling the business, we had a very honest and very far-ranging conversation about the highs and lows of her business journey, including:

  • Her experience of being an entrepreneur before it was “a thing”… and starting a health company long before it was cool to wear activewear outside the gym!
  • How she started an industry 18 years ago
  • How the costs of scaling meant she didn’t make any money for ten years
  • Ensuring the values of her business permeated right through the culture – from team members to customers
  • How reinvention was the key to Eat Fit Food staying relevant for 18 years, in what became an incredibly competitive industry
  • Overcoming her paralysing fear of leading a team
  • The “51% boss/49% friend” rule
  • Her motto of “nail before you scale”, and how she lived that lesson in her business
  • The tech headaches that cost the business $600k
  • The two A-list celebrities that changed the game for the business
  • The single scariest time she has experienced as an entrepreneur
  • The grief that came with selling her first business


Thank you so much to Bianca for her incredible wisdom and candour.

You can connect with Bianca on her website or on Instagram: @biancamonley.