Chaos! If there is one thing I am familiar with, this is it. 

Having run my own business for 18 years, managing 50 employees across 2 cities, producing 10, 000 fresh food meals a week and managing my clients all at the same time – I absolutely get it.

Oh, and that’s just the start of it. Following what would some refer to as the ‘9-5’ I would head home to be a Mum, which involved looking after my beautiful babies Harper, Winter & Finn who are all born within 3 years. 

So from business to babies – navigating through the day-to-day for me was all about finding effective ways to deal with stress. But don’t get me wrong, I am human! So the breakdowns, tears, anxiety and many sleepless nights were all part of finding my way. As my business continued to grow I managed to pick up a few coping tactics along the way, which are now fundamental to my survival amongst chaos and stress – independent of the challenge. I wholeheartedly believe they will have you on your way to survival mode, trust me.

– Eat Well

It’s true – you really do get out what you put in. But what does that actually mean? Well, if you’re eating wholefoods and/or a mostly plant based diet, your body can decrease stress while increasing energy. Who wouldn’t want that! Other benefits of a more nourished diet, include weight loss, improvement of concentration, great gut health, reduction in inflammation and reduced risk of chronic disease. 

Not sure where to start? Here are a few of my fave healthy recipes to get you on the right track.

2 – Meditation

I am a massive advocate for meditation, not only for myself but also to calm the little ones before bed time after a busy day. Taking the time to stop and become still with nothing but your thoughts can allow better processing, and as a result passing of them. As hard as it might be, I always encourage myself to stop and take time out, as it never fails to help me gain clarity in stressful situations. Try it for yourself even if it’s just for 5 minutes and watch the dramatic difference it makes to your coping mechanisms and stress levels as a result. My go- to app is called Insight Timer.

It’s a great place to start if you’re a beginner and also a great place to practise for those not foreign to the world of meditation

3 – Exercise 

When you exercise life just becomes easier, through a reduction in stress levels and a refreshed mindset you become positive to tackle whatever challenges you may be facing.   As a busy Mum, I find that scheduling 4 non- negotiable exercise days in the calendar is the best way to stick to it! So much so that  these are the days I actually look forward to the most, as I know I’ll be more productive as a result. 

Making ‘I don’t have enough time’ can’t be justified any longer. Take it from entrepreneurs like Richard Branson who condones regular physical activity (, be it running, lifting, or yoga) as a way to stimulate an extra ,four hours of productivity every day. Even President Barack Obama, who admits he was a bit of a slacker, but now makes -time for a 45 minute workouts before assuming his duties. 

So diarise it, prioritise it and enjoy it! You’ll be more productive than ever before.

4 – Self Care 

We’re often guilty of putting others first and shuffling ourselves to the bottom of the list (especially if you’re a mother!).. But how can we possibly be the best version of ourselves without looking after our own needs? Self care is about looking after your own physical, emotional and mental health – because when you do so, you’ll find coping with stressful times becomes much easier. . 

The best part about this tip is that there is no formula, which means you can design your own. Start with writing down some of the things you love to do, just for you. Then, make them happen! From a massage, time out with friends or even something as simple as taking a flower bath – don’t ever forget to treat yourself with the things you love.  

Not sure where to start or want some personal advice? Send me an email or get in touch here – I’d love to have a chat about how I can help you. 

B xxx